Mrs. America

Competition Photos
April 11th - April 14th

Here are a few competition photos from Mrs. America.

My group of five right after interview.

My state costume, a mountain biker.
Yes, the bike was extremely heavy.

State Costume competition

Competing in swimsuit

Swimsuit competition on preliminary night

We kicked off  finals by marching through the audience carrying our state flags.
It was a very proud moment for me.

Right after being called into the top ten.
They went on to call an additional 5.

 Ccompeting in top 15 during finals.
After being announced into top 15, we had to quickly change into different colored swimsuits.

Top 6

Answering a top 6 question.
We were asked to use one word to describe how we were feeling,
I said:  Surreal.

Competing in top 6

Top 3, waiting to hear the results.

Mrs. Florida, April Lufriu, is crowned Mrs. America 2011
What an amazing women!!

Top 15

Top 6

Top 3