MAY 2011

A change of Seasons

As I sit and look over my calander and focus in on the month of May, a flood of emotions are stirred up.

I am happy, after all May is my personal birthday month and within this great month there are five other family members who also celebrate their birthdays.  We also have two special holidays within the month of May, Mother's Day and Memorial Day and this means we will be gathering with family and friends.

I am overwhelmed, my calander looks as though a pen has attacked it with the many appointments, parties, appearances, meetings, and dinners that seem to fill up my days.

I am excited, I have ten appearances as Mrs. Colorado scheduled.  What a great month to get out into the community and experience something new. 

I am confused, my children are ending a school year and for me that means they are getting older and one year closer to leaving the house.  Rationally, I know I still have time until that officially happens, and I also know that it is the way of life to love and encourage your children to become self- sufficient adults, but a season shift is quickly approaching and I am not always good with change. 
My baby, my sweet little girl will graduate Pre-K, which means she will enter Kindergarten this coming fall.  I will have three children at the elementary school for the first time.  I am happy and excited that they are successful and moving along brilliantly within the education system, but a part of me is sad that the work I have done for the past nine years being a "stay at home" mom will be coming to an end.  This is what I have known, this is what I am used to, this is what I am good at!

I am celebrating, school is ending which means it is summer.  I love having the kids home to find adventures, swim in the pool, stay up late, and sleep in.

I am inspired, I will take this change in season to again rediscover who I am.  What do I want to do, what do I like to do, and what will I do. 

I am blessed, life is good!!

My three precious babies who give me a reason to walk the walk.

I love being a sideline mom
 and seeing our baby proudly wear the family name.