Just the Begining

Less than two months into my year as Mrs. Colorado and things seem to be going really well.  I am incredibly busy, yet working on finding balance between my first priority as wife/mom and my new role as Mrs. Colorado.   This has only been possible because of the amazing support system I have and have created.  There are times that are more difficult than others, when I can see my children needing a little more mommy time, but all in all it has been just as I had hoped. 

Manor House Bridal Event
May 1st, 2011

Raeanne, a queen sister and owner of  The Royal Image Boutique, has a bridal event scheduled at the Manor House.  I jump at the chance to parade around in bridal gowns and beautiful bridesmaid dresses.   What girl does not love the idea of a wedding, even after 11 years of marriage I envision the day I will renew my vows.......someday!
The Royal Image Boutique is located in Wheat Ridge and has a wide selection of prom, pageant, and bridal gowns.

Wearing one of the beautiful reception gowns provided by Royal Image Boutique