Today is a Great day!

My crowning moment!

Mrs. Colorado 2011, Janell Ames

The Royal Family

I still can't believe it when I hear it, let alone when I say it.  I am the current Mrs. Colorado 2011.
It is crazy to think it all started four years ago with a simple "bucket" list I had created for myself, a way of rediscovery after having my third and final child.
I am so glad I took on the challenge and stepped out of my comfort zone to compete for the title of Mrs. Colorado.

The first year I competed, I stepped into a very unknown world.  I had never competed in a pageant before. I grew up playing competitive sports.
As the week of the pageant drew near I was excited, nervous, and a little scared, OK incredibly scared!
I had no expectations for myself and had decided early on to just have fun and enjoy the ride.
Boy did I enjoy the ride!!
There were so many things I loved about that weekend:
  • I met and bonded with so many amazing women, many of which I am still friends with today.
  • I was able to get pampered, get dressed up, and be apart of a fabulous production.
  • I set a goal, worked hard, and achieved it.
  • I was given the opportunity to self reflect and become reacquained with ME.
 and  finally...
  • Girls weekend....need I say more!

Some of the amazing contestants from the Mrs. Colorado pageant 2008
Just like there is nothing like your first year of college, or your first child, there will never be another experience like my first year competing in the Mrs. Colorado pageant.  It only took one time and I was hooked and so began my quest for the title of Mrs. Colorado.

Mrs. Colorado pageant 2008
Melissa Kraft, Dana Gier, Christina Sacha, Megan Yarberry, Janell Ames
(4th runner up)

Mrs. Colorado pageant 2009
Janell Ames, Shilpa Pope, Megan Yarberry, Rita Case, Christy Williams
(4th runner up)

Mrs. Colorado pageant 2010
Ashlyn Bishop, Christy Williams, Shalon Polson, Janell Ames, Leah Bartos
(1st runner up)

Mrs. Colorado 2011
Laurie Wagner, Kimberly Perez, Janell Ames, Courtney Grahm, Kathy Barlo
It has taken four years, but it has been worth every penny, every struggle, and every memory.   It has helped make me the person I am today and I wouldn't take back any of those years. 
I am so incredibly honored to represent the amazing married women of Colorado.
I am excited to share my year with you all.  I will be posting often and catching up soon, on all my latest events, appearances and more.