Thank you!

Appreciation- An expression of gratitude.

I often say it takes a village to raise a family and it takes a whole other village to raise a "Beauty Queen".
I realize that my experiences and successes would not exist if it were not for the amazing group of people that surround me.
I would like to show my Appreciation to the many people who have helped make my dreams possible.

To my husband, Billy, none of this would be, without you. 
My three amazing children, you give me the inspiration to make my dreams a reality.
My parents, and siblings you have created the foundation on which I stand.
Grandma GG and my in-laws, Larry and Marcia Ames, you give without expectations.
My parents, sisters, brother, husband and kids right after Mrs. America.

Grandma GG and myself right after Mrs. Colorado.

Right after Mrs. Colorado with my amazing in-laws, husband, and sister in-laws.

My many girlfriends, you have all played a very significant role in my life.

My soul sister and very Best Friend, Becca, right after the Mrs. America competition.

My girls, Gretchen, Mel, and Becca at my Send Off party.

To the best Glam squad, your talents are incredible and your support is heart felt and true.
Thank you for always making me look and feel my very best.
Working with you has been a blessing!!
DJ and Courtney with Timothy D's Salon, you are a girl's best friend.
Kari Kisch, your paint brushes are magical.
Megan with Graphique Photography, you never cease to amaze me.
Waxing the City, you have been a great sponsor

with Courtney and DJ.

with Kari Kisch


with Megan Anderson

A special thank you to these sponsors who helped me get ready for Nationals in such a short time.
  •  Amy Nakos with Mind Redesign, you helped me realize what was inside this whole time.
  • Gail Love with Love Skincare Center, my face has never looked better
  • Kim with Kim's Closet, you are so generous and fashion savey.
  • Raj P TerKonda, your skill and talents are priceless.
  • Denver Tux, thanks for dressing the man beside the queen.
  • Sandy with Planet Beach, your spa services and tanning beds gave me just the glow I needed.
I appreciate and will continue to support these businesses.  Thank you for believing in me.

Before I left for Nationals, I  was honored with an amazing Send Off party. 
 I was given the chance to celebrate with my family, dearest friends, and many fabulous beauty queens. 
 The party will have it's own post, but I do have many people to thank who contributed to the festivities.
Thank you to Emily and James Stark for creating this wonderful event.
Sheli Silvius and Jen Rindahl thank you so much for all your efforts.  We had the most fabulous auction items.
Thank you to Mark Silvius, Carmela Savoie, Julia Gentry, Doug Legler, Shiela Legler, Becca Smith, and Sharon Nuanes, your involvement did not go unnoticed.
We had such a great time and I was able to raise funds, which helped immensely for my National competition!

I am blessed beyond belief to have the unconditional love and support of the named people, and those names I may have missed.
 My journey this year, as Mrs. Colorado is dedicated to you!