Some of My Best Friends Are Beauty Queens

Tricia Dampier, author of "Some of my Best Friends are Beauty Queens" celebrated the launching of her first book.  The book is a culmination of many years of pageant experience, a virtual "how to" for anyone interested in learning how to perfect the sport of pageantry.  Tricia walks the reader through the ins and outs of becoming a competitive pageant contestant.  Riddled with life experiences and spiritual lessons, this book is a must read for anyone interested in becoming the best you, even if you never step foot on the pageant stage.  Tricia was an integral part of my success at the Mrs. Colorado and Mrs. America stages.  I am proud of her - she completed a feat many only dream of. Today, she is a published author and motivational speaker with Girl-Speak.  Do you have yours?  This link takes you directly where you can buy your own copy.  Tricia's book

with Tricia Dampier