Mrs. Colorado 2011 - Janell Ames

Shalon Polson Mrs. Colorado 2010
Janell Ames Mrs. Colorado 2011

Congratulations to Janell Ames - our newly crowned Mrs. Colorado.  On March 5th, I had the honor and pleasure of participating in the 35th Anniversary Celebration of  the Mrs. Colorado Pageant.  Being the outgoing queen for this event was such a tremendous honor.  Before my final walk presentation, 22 past Mrs. Colorado titleholders were welcomed on stage, one by one.  Being able to walk through the sister queens as I said farewell made it a tremendous once in a lifetime moment.  The sisterhood we have at Mrs. Colorado is unlike no other and is one of the many reasons the pageant has the large amount of contestants competing each year.  

Perseverance pays off!  Janell Ames competed four times for the title of Mrs. Colorado and on behalf of the Mrs. Colorado organization, I welcome here into the Queen Sisterhood.  We all wish her the very best of luck as she continues her dream at the Mrs. America pageant this coming April.  

Stay tuned to the Mrs. Colorado website where you can view photos of this year's 35th Anniversary Celebration.  Take a look at the Fire- Dancing Opening Production number, along with the starring lineup of contestants in the Top 15, Top 10, and ultimately the Top 5! Congratulations to the State Finalists for a job well done.    

In signing off as Mrs. Colorado 2010, I would like to thank some very important people, who have helped me along the way.  

Raj Terkonda of the Longmont Clinic did a great job cleaning up my skin and has given me my best complexion.  He has a client for life.  

Brandi Bottoms, DDS of Chateaux Dental sponsored my winning smile.  I'm partial to her not only for the great dental work but because she is my sister.  She has never failed to support me in my dream undertakings.  Thank you Brandi.  

Abby Richardson at Solera Spa provided me with nail care during my reign.  Not only did my fingers receive a makeover, I now have a new friend.  Abby is amazing and I recommend her work.  

Raeanne at the Royal Image Boutique was always ready to supply me with gowns for my appearances as Mrs. Colorado.  With her, I was always the "best dressed" in the room.  Thank you Raeanne.  

I have enjoyed my year more than I could have imagined.  I'm so thankful I had the courage to chase my dream of becoming Mrs. Colorado.  I encourage that kind of dreaming in whatever you wish to accomplish.  Many people have the potential but lack the courage. Give yourself that chance!  

My family has been unwavering in their support. I'm so grateful God has given them to me.  The Polson family is excited to see what God has next for us.  

Thank you for joining me on my journey and reading about it along the way.  I will continue "blogging" at and would love for you to follow me there.

May you be blessed in all you do. 

Shalon Polson
Mrs. Colorado 2010