Mustangs in the 2010 Carnation Bowl

#36 - My son!

I hear this quote quite a bit around my house,
"Big time is where you are at." These sentiments are proven true every year as we encourage our children in their sports teams. For the past 12 years, Chuck has coached our son's football teams. Once our older son entered High School, Chuck continued coaching our youngest son. It's the time of year when we are having the most fun. Football is our passion and has been since I watched Chuck play on our high school team. I fall deeper and deeper in love with my husband as I watch him coach my son and his fellow teammates.
There is nothing more attractive than seeing your spouse do what he loves.

This past season the 4th Grade Highlands Ranch Mustangs played an undefeated regular season, ultimately ending up in the Carnation Bowl against an equally ranked team. Unfortunately, the team lost the championship in overtime. Last year's 3rd Grade Mustang team played the same team - making it Payton's first "Championship" title. Following the heartbreaking loss this year, I explained to Payton that sometimes in life we learn more in failures than victories.

There is very little that can pull me away from watching my children participate in whatever the season may bring us. From Chalcey's volleyball matches, Chaz' football and wrestling matches, to Payton's football and wrestling matches - there is NO WHERE I would rather be. God gave my children to me, entrusting me to raise them the best I can. One day I will stand before Him and He will ask me how I treated His precious gifts.....I hope my answer to Him is, "I loved them with all my heart and did absolutely everything I could, as often as I could, to the best of my ability." Enjoy the following pictures of the special day. The 4th Grade Highlands Ranch Football Team made this Team Mom very proud.

Mustangs Captain (my son) with Head Coach (my husband)

...doing what he does on Offense.

....doing what he does on Defense

Chaz and I playing around in the stands.

my cake "footballs" for the athletes and cakeballs for the parents.

Last picture of the season!

Mustang Family - Coach, Athlete, and Team Mom