Mind Redesign

In my Mrs. America preparation, I had the privilege to work with Amy Nakos of Mind Redesign. Working with Amy on my mental blocks and the thought processes I have about myself ultimately gave me the freedom to go to Tucson mentally prepared for all aspects of the competition. My work with Amy not only benefitted me in competition, but in my day to day life. One of the areas I really wanted to work on was getting over my anxiety of being in front of a crowd. My goal was to be able to speak at Mrs. America successfully - representing Shalon at her best. After making Top 6, I had the opportunity to speak at the pageant - accomplishing my goal of comfortably conveying my message to the audience and the judges.

Click on the attached link to learn more about Mind Redesign. Click on pageantry and listen to the Pageant Competition teleseminar with the former Mrs. Colorado Director, Tricia Dampier.