Next Stop, Mrs. America.

Mom and I on our way to Arizona

The Mrs. America state representatives were scheduled to arrive in Tucson on August 31st. My Mom and I went a day early to make sure I was situated and ready for the Mrs. America festivities to begin. Mom has always been my biggest supporter and having her there to help me, at my "last play at the plate" was really special. It was also very needed. My Mom and my daughter have the gift of packing and organizing. I'm living proof certain things actually skip generations. WIth a little help from me, the two of us were able to get the Colorado - Nebraska room in tip top shape before our pageant week. My Mom is a flight attendant for Frontier Airlines. I loved seeing her in her workplace. Her ease of traveling made my Mrs. America travels a lot easier. Mom flew back to Colorado on the 31st - to get back to work and prepare for her travel back to Tucson for the Mrs. America competition.