Mrs. America Week

With Shelley Carbone, Mrs. America 2011

Alphabetical order- how I praise thee! The simple fact - Colorado and Connecticut are right next to each other in terms of listing the states in Alphabetical Order, allowed two kindred spirits to find each other. In life, there are Reason, Season, and Lifetime friends. Shelley and I will be lifetime friends and we have the Mrs. America organization to "Thank" for bringing us together. I'm very proud of the newly crowned Mrs. America.

Our first night - Orientation Dinner
Standing next to my roomie, Mrs. Nebraska - Nicole Panneton

Another "Lifetimer" I found in Tucson! Corrie Frances- Mrs. Arizona.
Our grouping of ten was so fortunate to have Corrie to help us with our choreography. I couldn't imagine what we would have looked like without her. I'm not sure she knew she was going to actually have to teach while she was competing.

President's Dinner - we presented our state gifts to Mr. Johnson,
the Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort President.

In the Lobby waiting for rehearsals to begin....again.

My partials...Raquel Thomas, Mrs. Maryland & Mrs. America 2011 1st Runner up, myself , Corrie Frances, Mrs. Arizona, and Shelley Carbone, Mrs. Connecticut aka, Mrs. America 2011. Right before we competed in preliminary competition.

The girls in black during a rehearsal break.

Our grouping during Preliminary Competition