Martino TV - SCTNOW

with Holly Martino

On September 30th, Martino TV went live at Elitch Gardens, where on October 2nd, Denver's first Stop Child Trafficking NOW Stiletto's Race and Fun walk/run would take place. A group of SCTNOW volunteers and race team captains were asked to be a part of the television segment. Tom and Holly Martion have been very active in spreading awareness about the very important and necessary, SCTNOW organization. Representing the Team Mrs. Colorado, Holly asked why I was interested in being associated with the organization. I explained how I had never heard there was even a need for such an organization and how Colorado being a transit state, should really make anyone in Colorado want to be involved.
Child Trafficking is said to be the fastest growing crime in the world, involving over 2 million child victims. To learn more about SCTNOW so you can get involved in bringing awareness and/or to donate, please go to