Dale Carnegie - March 3, 2010

As part of my Mrs. Colorado prize package, I received a scholarship to the Dale Carnegie program. Prior to taking the course, I had heard wonderful things about it, and needless to say it has already exceeded my expectations. We are in our third week of the twelve week course, and each week we have the opportunity to give a two minute speech on a designated topic. After everyone has given their speech during that session, the class votes for who they feel should win two different awards.....the "Outstanding Performance Award" and the "Breakthrough Performance Award." The winners of these awards receive an official Dale Carnegie writing pin, which can only be attained by winning one of these awards. So these pins become quite coveted while taking this course.
Our speech this week was about "Your Biggest Achievement", and we were asked to bring a prop symbolizing this achievement. I choose to talk about my journey to the Mrs. Colorado title, and my prop was my crown. I was absolutely honored to win the "Outstanding Performance Award," and my first Dale Carnegie pin!
Dale Carnegie is a wonderful program, and I urge you to check out their website and consider taking one of their fabulous courses! www.dalecarnegiecolorado.com

Pictured with my Dale Carnegie class, holding my first pin after winning the "Outstanding Performance Award"