"Animal Welfare and Protection Society" Commercial

With animals being my personal platform during my reign as Mrs. Colorado, I was thrilled when I was asked to be in a commercial for the “Animal Welfare and Protection Society.” This is a no kill shelter for lost and abandoned pets in Pueblo. I am a HUGE advocate of shelters such as this, because they give all animals a chance. The commercial was to advertise the new facility that they are building, which will be an environmentally safe design that will bring aid to the animals of today as well as in the future. They are a non-profit organization, and are entirely funded by donations and the generosity of volunteers. For more information on this incredible facility, please visit www.puebloawps.org.
Here I am getting ready to shoot the commercial.

These are the creative minds behind the camera.

Naturally my sweet dog, Neiko, appeared in the commercial with me. He is sure to be a celebrity after this! My husband, Scott, was disappointed that he didn't get any camera time though.

This little puppy took a real liking to Neiko, but he was not too excited about her. He prefers to believe that he’s the only dog in existence.

It’s always fun when I have “fans” come visit me at appearances. These kiddos belong to one of the guys who was filming the commercial.