Children's Hospital Special Visit

One of the greatest things about being Mrs. Colorado is when a person requests your presence, knowing that it might brighten someones day. My mother and father-in-law have good friends who have a granddaughter, named Hailey, who was attacked by a dog when she was a young child, and was paralyzed from the waist down. Although Hailey leads a very normal life, she still requires surgeries every so often to keep everything in check. She was scheduled for one of her surgeries in August, and it was requested by her grandparents that I make a "special visit" to see her.

I had a wonderful time with Hailey, as we chatted about her involvement in 4-H where she participates riffle shooting and "Decorate Your Duds" (in which she received Grand Champion this year). She will go to the State Fair and compete in both categories in a few weeks, and looks forward to going elk hunting with her family this winter.