"Queen for the Night" party

My third and final appearance on July 18 was a very special event honoring a woman who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Julie is a good friend of one of the women who I competed with in the Mrs. Colorado Pageant this year, Laura Felix. Being the kind hearted woman that Laura is, she organized this wonderful evening full of Julie’s family and friends, as well as many of the 2009 Mrs. Colorado candidates. I only wish that everyone who is challenged with a health problem could have such an amazing support system as Julie does.

Here I am with the beautiful and brave Julie.

This is the woman who pulled this whole event together, Laura Felix. If only everybody had a friend as great as her.

Myself, Julie and the 2009 Mrs. Colorado candidates who came out to show their support.

Here I am with my mom and Laura. I have to give thanks to my mom for being my traveling companion and my own personal paparazzi while at appearances. Living in Canon City, most of my appearances are at least an hour to two hours away, and my mom is kind enough to keep me company on the long drives. Plus, it gives us some much needed “mother-daughter chatting time.”