Sentry Siren Summit, June 2-7

My husband and father-in-law own a company called Sentry Siren, Inc which manufactures products for emergency warning systems. The company sponsored a retreat for its top salespersons in Breckenridge, Colorado at the "Little Mountain Lodge" (pictured above). As a supportive wife, I attended to help host our guests during their stay.

Here is the "Sentry family", which included company executives, top salespersons, and thier spouses. The group enjoyed 6 days of classes about early warning technology, and some much deserved rest and relaxation.

My fellow pageant friend, Jamie, and myself discovered three businesses in downtown Breckenridge that featured crowns in their logos. So of course, we just had to take pictures in front of every one of them.

Business number one....

Business number two....

And finally business number three. I was SO excited that there was actually a coffee shop called "The Crown Cafe!"

But as I eagerly ran up to the doors to go order the "Cool Crown Mocha" I read this sign...."closed until June 12". Oh well, maybe next time.