"Queen for a Day" at the Children's Hospital

I was so humbled after spending an afternoon at the Denver Children's Hospital, where I was invited to participate in the "Queen for a Day" program. It was great to see other Colorado state titleholders, local firefighters, and multiple volunteers take part in this heartwarming event.

The little girls played dress up for the afternoon by having their make-up and nails done, and afterwards they were given their very own princess tiara and a pink feather boa. This event wasn't just for girls though, as boys had the opportunity to hang out with heroic firefighters who handed out helmets and sticker badges.

This is sweet little Maddy, her smile melted my heart! She was so enthusiastic and curious about all the happenings during the afternoon. What an angel!

Pretty in pink, and all smiles in her tiara and feather boa.

This little guy was such a trooper. Even though he just had a very painful surgery on his back, he still eagerly got up from his bed to take a picture with us.

Pictured with two fellow "Queens" who volunteered at the "Queen for a Day" program. On my left is Ms. United Nation International 2008, Vanessa Anderson and on my right is Miss Teen Colorado USA, Taylor Schettler.