Mrs. Colorado photo shoot

On Monday, June 1st I had my first official photo shoot as "Mrs. Colorado 2009." It was so much fun getting to wear my crown and banner in the pics, they're probably my favorite accessories I've ever had!

The mastermind behind all of my awesome pictures was Megan Anderson of Graphique Fine Art Photography, who is absolutley AMAZING! She makes taking pictures so much fun and effortless. My incredible make artist, Kari Kisch of "Make-up by Kari" made my look complete for the photo shoot. Christina Sacha, Mrs. Colorado 2008, recently started her own image consulting business called "Creating the Perfect You." I was so happy to have her at my photo shoot to provide her sevices. Also at there was the Mrs. Colorado Director, Emily Stark, to share her expertise. And my sweet mom was at the shoot too, she's such a trooper. She makes the long drive to Denver with me nearly every time I have an appearance or event.

Thanks for a GREAT day ladies!