Hometown Celebration Party

My proud parents were kind enough to throw a "celebration party" on May 30th in honor of me winning Mrs. Colorado. It was a great turn out, and everyone had a fantastic time. Living in Canon City my whole life has been such a great experience. My community is so supportive of all I do, and I am so thankful for that.
Canon City's best florist, Touch of Love, sent me this stunning bouquet of flowers to congratulate me on winning Mrs. Colorado. They also had fresh Hawaiian leis flown in for me and my husband to wear during the party.

A cake fit for a queen! The three layers were all different flavors. The top was almond, the middle was chocolate hazelnut (my favorite), and the bottom was chocolate raspberry. I had to indulge in a little sample of each before beginning my rigorous training for Mrs. America!

My friend Chris was the creator and mastermind behind this delicious and fabulous cake!

It was so special to have 3 of my "Sister Queens" celebrating with me at my party. Left to right: Debi Moore, (Mrs. Colorado 1994) is one of my greatest friends and mentor; Emily Stark (Mrs. Colorado 2002) is my amazing director; and Tiffany Sawyer (Mrs. Colorado 2007) has become a wonderful friend as well.

Mr. and Mrs. Colorado! Gosh, I love him....

Me and my awesome mom

One of my best friends, Holly. She is getting married in June and I get to be her Matron of Honor. I'm so excited!

My very good friend Jamie (left) and my 2009 Blossom Pageant 1st Attendant, Taylor (center). The Blossom Pageant is a 63 year pageant for the teens of my community that I've directed for 7 years.

My dad and family friend Rick are in a great band called Deja Bluz, and they played "a little of the blues" for me during my party.

This is my incredible jewelry designer, Suzanne Walters of Mimi's Gems. She creates the most exquisite Swarovski crystal jewelry for all my pageant outfits. And not only is she extremely talented, but she's a very dear friend.

This is my childhood dance teacher, Anita, whom I took lessons from for 13 years. I was very shy and quiet as a kid, so at the age of 5 my mom entered me in dance class. It's because of this woman and taking dance lessons that I acquired the ability to be so comfortable on stage. It changed me forever!

My friend Holly, my mom and I all put our baking skills to the test as we made crown shaped sugar cookies and cream cheese mints for my guests to enjoy. They're kind of hard to see in this picture, but I had to show off our hard work. And they tasted amazing!