Veterans Hospital

It is always an honor to visit the Veterans Hospital. Karen Thaylor, Mrs. Wheat Ridge 2009 joined me to visit with the patients at the Hospital. We took a moment out of our busy day to take a picture with the wonderful staff of the Volunteer program.
They took such good care of us and we look forward to coming back!

The Veteran's Hospital is SO wonderful to the Mrs. Colorado local and state titleholders. They always host a beautiful lunch for us when we visit. Karen and I loved the food and appreciated the time they took to make us feel special.

Okay this guy is a pistol! I went to Veteran's Hospital last year as Mrs. Cherry Creek and met this Vietnam Vet in the housing unit of the hospital. He was quite "underwhelmed" that I wasn't Mrs. Colorado and told me to come back if I became Mrs. Colorado and he would visit with me. (Ha! I just love feisty people!) Well . . . . you can imagine I was on a "hunt" to find him to keep up his end of the deal. When I entered the housing unit, he was the first person I saw. I smiled big and said, "Remember me? You owe me a visit!" He DID remember me and let me take some pictures and share some stories with him. LOVE HIM!!

It is such an honor to visit the Veterans of War. This Vietnam Vet was so excited to see us.

To all of the Veterans that I met that day . . .

Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for reminding me of why I'm proud to be an American and most of all . . . Thank you for your Courage!