Go Red for Women Sponsorship Cocktail Party at Del Friscos

The American Heart Association held a beautiful cocktail party at Del Friscos Steak House to honor the sponsors of the Go for Women Campaign. We also welcomed several interested sponsors. Of course several survivors were on hand as well to share their stories.

Pictured here with Rosemary Lindsey, the Executive Director of the Go Red Campaign.

Sharing my story of why I do the work that I do to fight heart disease has been therapy for me since my husband's heart attack. I'm always honored when people tell me that I inspired them to make a change. Thank you to the AHA for having me as a guest speaker.

John also briefly spoke about the importance of educating about heart disease. He not only speaks as a survivor but as a physician as well.

Chris Rockwood, General Manager of Del Friscos. They were so gracious to host this wonderful event to show their support for the Go Red for Women Campaign. It was a beautiful event and the food . . . amazing!

Sandi Matt, assistant Manager of Del Friscos. They were such wonderful hosts. They donated the entire party. Thanks again Del Friscos!

John takes a moment to thank one of the generous sponsors of the Go Red Campaign, Charlie Nelson, President of Great West. Thank you again for all of your support.

Always there to support me . . . my handsome husband and favorite survivor John.

John and I were so grateful to meet a wonderful couple, Don & Trish Woods (pictured center). They had a very similar story as ours over 20 years ago. Trish was pregnant with her first child when her husband suffered a massive heart attack while on a bike ride.

The good news . . . over 20 years later he is still around to talk about it!

Patsy is a wonderful volunteer for the American Heart Association and a survivor of heart disease.

Again, thank you to Del Frisco's for hosting this wonderful event and providing such wonderful food.