Denver International School's Royal World Tea Fair

My daughter, Lila, attends a full immersion foreign language program at Denver International School. The programs offered are French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. This year I planned to attend the annual Royal World Tea Fair as "mommy" but was asked to be a special guest as Mrs. Colorado. I had so much fun signing autographs and showing my support for the school. The little girls always get a kick out of a "princess" joining there tea party!
D.I.S. also held there open house that day to almost a 100 perspective families. They too were able to come and join the festivities at our Tea Fair. We had different teas from over 15 different countries.

Mrs. Denver, Lori Pace, is also a fellow parent at D.I.S. It's always fun to work with my fellow titleholders!

It's always a bonus to find another girl who loves crowns as much as me!