A reminder of why I'm inspired!!

This is my beautiful daughter, Lila Christine. She is 5 years old and my princess!
Just a reminder, if you scroll down my blog photos you will see a picture of me in Tucson during the Mrs. America group pool shot in a red swimsuit and this red hat.
My daughter just loves this hat! She came in the other day in this outfit and said, "Mommy, I'm Mrs. Colorado!" Awww, every mother hopes their daughters want to be like them!
This journey as Mrs. Colorado has NOT been about being a "beauty queen" but about being motivated to do something that I am passionate about and about never giving up! My daughter has witnessed that and as learned so much from it.
After Mrs. America, she asked me if I was sad that I didn't win?? Before I could even answer her, she added, "Because you shouldn't be mommy, you did your best and that is all that matters. And, I still think you are the best mommy ever!"
Okay, enough said! That has made my year as Mrs. Colorado ALL worth while!