Pictures from Tucson . . .

Whew!! What a whirlwind the past couple of months have been. I spent most of my summer preparing for Mrs. America then spent 10 days in Tucson having the time of my life. The final outcome was not what I had hoped for but at the end of it all, a kiss from my husband reminded me of what I am most proud of . . . being Mrs. Sacha!!
I was honored with an ad page award and was a top ten finalist in state costume.
click on any gallery then you can "select a different gallery" and scroll down to Mrs. Colorado to see some prelim pics. Enjoy!

After competition I was able to capture a photo with Mrs. World 2008, Diane Tucker and Mrs. America 2008, Kelly McBee. Hmmmm, if only I were a foot taller!! L.O.L.

Myself with Andrea Pruess, Mrs. America 2006. It was such a pleasure to meet her! Who would have thought she was one of MY fans! LOVE HER!

Me with my Colorado gal pals.
And a big fat thank you to ALL of my family and friends who made the trip to cheer me on! I had an awesome cheering section! LOVE YOU!

My biggest fan . . . my husband, John!

Amy Nugent, owner of Crown Chic Boutique.
Thanks for all the great goodies!

A quick glimpse at state costume. I was the Mountain Sunset.

Getting ready for swimsuit competition.

Me & my roomie, Mrs. Nebraska Andrea Stine.
Congrats on a top 6 finish!!

A day at rehearsals.

Mrs. Missouri, our Mrs. Congeniality . . . well deserved!!

Mrs. Georgia was just stunning!

One of my favorites . . . Mrs. California. We dubbed ourselves as CALI & CO! Our hubbies even became buddies! Look forward to visiting her in Cali soon!

My group just before interview.
Delaware, Connecticut, DC,Florida and Me.

Ready for interview! Thanks to Make-up by Kari and D.J. from Timothy D's Salon. Thanks for making the trip to Tucson, I couldn't have done it without you!

Head coordinator, Bechevez, and myself could not resist the fuzzy bunny slippers during rehearsals!

My roomie and I before the National Anthem Project seminar.

We all got new Scala hats before a tour of Tucson and a night out to dinner.

Me & my roomie before loading the bus.

Yee haw! Michigan and Louisiana ready for Tucson!

Ready for some shopping!

Another day of rehearsals. Friends that will last a lifetime!

More beautiful gals!

Me & Mrs. CA had lots of laughs!

Just before the traditional group pool shot. It was a 5:45 a.m. shoot. But it was so much fun!

The hats were a gift and part of the pool shot, I loved it!

Myself with Mrs. Minnesota at the dinner hosted by the G.M of the Hotel. We all presented him with gifts representing our states. We had lots of fun dressing up.

It was a night for great picture taking.

More beautiful ladies at the dinner.

The national director, David Marmel, hosted a beautiful cocktail party in his suite for all 51 contestants. We enjoyed getting treated like Queens!

Mrs. Illinois and I competed together 15 years ago at Miss Illinois USA!! Here we are again! I gotta love my home state girl!!

Mrs. Tennessee was a true Elvis fan! Loved chatting with her!

I hadn't seen Mrs. Wyoming since she was crowned in June. Great to see a familiar face!

More beautiful ladies!

Bechevez is the head pageant coordinator. She was Mrs. Isreal over 10 years ago.

Heading off to David's cocktail party.

Myself with Mrs. Idaho at Orientation. This was the first time I got to meet all the beautiful delegates. What fun!

I couldn't pass up getting lots of pictures of the class of 2008!
Vermont, Rhode Island, Nevada and Michigan.

More pics of the 2008 class.
Wyoming, Iowa, Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Nebraska, Rhode Island and Nevada.

New Mexico, Colorado, Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming.

Myself with my roomie, Mrs. Nebraska, anxiously waiting to meet the rest of the ladies.

Ready for Orientation. So excited!

I got to meet just a few ladies while registering and picking up my "official Mrs. America banner".
Massachusettes, myself, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and Kentucky.

Me and Nebraska at our first official Mrs. America event. . . registration.

John and I at the airport before I head out to Tucson. We were apart for 6 days before he made it out. The longest we have been apart! Missed him so much!

Getting ready to get on the plane. I made it with only 4 suitcases . . . not bad!