Kickfit Sports Magazine Article

A week after winning the title of Mrs. Colorado, my trainer Ray Kahn of Kickfit Sports, wanted to run a story on my "winning work-out" in his on line magazine.

"Me???" I replied, "in a fitness magazine?"

I was thrilled to be able to share the story of all of my hard work to get into shape for the Mrs. Colorado pageant.

The article is published in the July issue of Kick Fit Sports.

Check out the article on then click on the Kick Fit Sports Icon.

Use your arrow keys or click on the arrows shown to flip through the pages.

I must admit the article shows quite a "lighter work-out" than the actual training that I did during my preparations for the pageant but Ray didn't want to scare anyone away with ALL the details of my workouts! He "kicked" my butt into shape after my second baby like a drill sergeant would! But it was all worth it, I needed it!
Hope you enjoy . . .

I had great fun shooting the pics.

Thanks again Ray for the "boot camp" workouts! U rock!