Mrs. Wyoming Pageant

Myself with Mrs. America 2008, Kelly McBee.
I had a great night attending the Mrs. Wyoming pageant! It was fun to watch the show, but I was still nervous! Whew, I know what it feels like to be up there. It was a great group of ladies.

My first stop when I arrived was to grab a photo with Kelly McBee, Mrs. America 2008. Kelly will be leaving this week for Russia to compete in the Mrs. World pageant. Best of Luck Kelly, you are fabulous!!!

Congratulations to the new Mrs. Wyoming, Michelle Woodard!! Job well done! I look forward to creating some great memories at Mrs. America!

Miss Wyoming, Cassie Shore was on the judging panel. It was great to see her again. I was on staff at the Miss Wyoming USA pageant last year when she won then got to go to Las Vegas to cheer her on at Miss USA. Cassie, you look fabulous!

2002 Alumni!! What a rare opportunity to see these ladies reminisce about Mrs. America in 2002. Mrs. Colorado 2002, Mrs. Nebraska 2002 and Mrs Wyoming 2002 enjoy reuniting!

Christy Williams, Mrs. Littleton and a top ten finalist at Mrs. Colorado. Great to see her again.

Also there cheering on the Wyoming contestants was Karalyn Hoefer, 1st R.U. to Mrs. Nebraska in 2007. I will be in Nebraska in a couple of weeks to cheer her on as she tries again for the title of Mrs. Nebraska. Good Luck Karalyn, you are gorgeous!