The Denver Heart Walk

We had such a great time at the Denver Heart Walk on June 7th. So overwhelming to see thousands of people come together to bring awareness to the #1 killer in our nation . . . heart disease. Thank you SO much to our family & friends who came out to be a part of the "Sacha Team".

A BIG thank you to everyone to donated on behalf of our team. The Heart Walk web page is not updated yet to show all the donations but will be soon. Our team raised over $500. Thank you!

We had two survivors on our team! Rita Case is a stroke survivor. She suffered a stroke at age 16. She proudly wears her stroke "survivor hat". And my husband, John, who survived a massive heart attack in Nov. of last year. You two, along with thousands of others, were the reason for this huge celebration! WE LOVE YOU!!

My favorite survivor and darling husband, John. I'm glad he was there to wear his "survivor hat".

I was able to give a quick interview with my ole' pals, Denise Pante and Marke McIntosh, from Colorado & Company with Channel 9, who were covering the event.

Rita Case, Mrs. Jefferson County 2008 and Michelle Field, Mrs. Highlands 2008

A special thank you to my "sister titleholders" for coming out to be a part of our team. It was SO great to have you ladies there.

We were so honored to support all of the survivors. Several even held up signs as we walked.