Childrens Hospital . . . A day I will never forget!

The face of an angel!!!

This is Taylen a brave little girl that I had the pleasure to spend time with today. One of her family members (Valerie Boyd, Mrs. Colorado contestant 2008) called the Mrs. Colorado office to see if I could come and surprise her and help her celebrate her last chemo-therapy treatment after a year of treatments! I couldn't wait to meet her! She was the sweetest, most positive, brave little girl I have ever laid eyes on. I got to spend over an hour with the family getting to know them, and what a treat that was! I walked away after meeting her knowing that I would never forget her. She has experienced more hardship in her young life than most people will ever face. Her beautiful face is forever in my head!

I was honored to be a part of her celebration!!

Her big sister, Tyanna has been such a rock for her little sister. I couldn't help but praise her strength as well. Her parents, Regina and Ty are so strong for keeping it together. You could sense the overwhelming sense of "gratefullness" about them. I even got to meet G-ma & G-pa, who of course made me smile. Truly a great family! Thank you for letting me share this day with you!

A special THANK YOU to TIMBUK TOYS who supplied me with over 30 sticker books to give to all the patients that I met with. The kids really enjoyed them! Especially the crown stickers!!

Taylen, her big sis Tyanna and myself. I brought them both fuzzy stuffed puppy dogs for their brave journey and success. I was so touched by their love for one another and SOOOO grateful I was able to spend time with them.

Sharing stories with these beautiful sisters was the best part of my day! Only 8 years old, Taylen, had experienced more "life" than I think I have in all of my 36 years! What a brave little girl. I was honored to be a part of her day.
Then I was off to do my rounds to all of the patient's rooms. It was truly a day I will never forget!

Sweet Amanda. She is going to be something great someday ~ she reached out and shook my hand and kept her little brother "in check" while we visited. I love a strong woman! She was such a pleasure to meet!

Little Miss Andrea. When I walked into the room with that crown on, her eyes got as big as golf balls! She was so in awww of the crown, she barely said one word. Little did she know, I was just as enamored with her! She had eyes of a movie star!

Princess Bailey! This one was a girl after my own heart! She had a crown pillow in her room and crown stickers on her scrap book . . . now thats a true princess! She couldn't speak but her smile was worth a 1000 words. I had to go visit her twice because her smile was so infectious!

Miss Haley, my sweetie from Montana. She was getting ready to go home today after 12 days of being in the hospital . . . YEAH! I asked her if she was going to be the future Mrs. Colorado, she adorably replied (with her hand on her hip), "Nope, but I WILL be the future Mrs. Montana!" I love her spunk!

My wonderful escort for the day and one of Childrens Hospital's best volunteers, Donna.