The Bunco Queen Pageant

What a fun night in Highlands Ranch! Proctor & Gamble sponsored a national contest call the Ultimate Bunco Bash. Participants wrote in and described their Ultimate Bunco Bash. The best descriptions won. One of the winners was Michelle Medina of Highlands Ranch, CO who chose a pageant theme. The prize was $1,000 and the assistance to help throw the ultimate party. Proctor & Gamble contacted me to be a "surprise" guest at their party and judge the Bunco Queen Pageant. WHAT FUN!

To show their appreciation, the ladies presented me with a $500 check to the American Heart Association on behalf of the "Highlands Ranch Wives" donated by Prilosec OTC.
Thank you SO much. It was an honor to be there!

The Bunco Queen and myself, enjoying the night as "The Queens".

The crowning moment!! She was a doll! She actually cried. LOVE HER! She played the part of Mrs. Massachusetts Bunco, but walked away as The Bunco Queen!

Bunco Queen 2008!

The top 5 finalist!Mrs. Massachusetts Bunco, Mrs. California Bunco, Miss Denver Bunco, Mrs. Evergreen Bunco, and Mrs. South Carolina Bunco.

Winner of the national contest, Michelle Medina (who played the role of Mrs. Colorado Bunco), myself and The Bunco Queen!

The freelance producer that was hired by Proctor & Gamble, Daisey Mertzel. She was responsible for putting on the winning party for these ladies. Thanks for organizing the donation to the American Heart Association and thanks for treating me like a "queen". I had a blast!!

Enjoying the life of a "Queen"!