Teen with a Dream (Denver Science Museum)

On April 5th I attended the 4th Annual Teen With a Dream charity dinner and silent auction at the Denver Science Museum. Teen With a Dream™ is a 501 (c) (3) charity founded specifically to enrich the lives of pediatric cancer patients—and the lives of their families—by combating the effects of social isolation and loneliness during chemotherapy through specialized social, educational, and financial programs. For more information please visit http://www.teenwithadream.org/
With Spencer Harrison, the founder of Teen With a Dream. In 2003, 14-year old Spencer Harrison spent most of his year fighting for his life. While the year was a tough one for both Spencer and his family, the 14-year-old chose to draw strength from his experience and help others undergoing the lonely, painful process of chemotherapy.With the entertainment, Kai Brown and his brother Rohin

With one of the scholarship winners.

With the host, Mitch Jelniker, ABC Channel 7 News in Denver.