Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing (Pueblo)

It was another windy day in Colorado yesterday, and I had the privilege of being the "flag girl" at the Rocky Mountain Vintage Races at PMI in Pueblo. I had no idea how much fun it would be to stand above the track and wave the green flag signaling the drivers to GO! Pictured with one of the "Production" race car drivers, Robert, aka "Lil Bob".
Lil Bob and I posing before his big race.
During the lunch break they shut down the gates and let Lil Bob take me on a 3-lap ride (2.2 miles per lap) a max speed of 130 mph!!! I couldn't hang on tight enough to my seat belt, but it was so much fun! Maybe I should be a race car out Danica Patrick :)
Saying a prayer before we took off :) With Lil Bob and his daughter, Rabecka (Tiny Miss Patriotic 2007), helping him get his race car ready for the big race!

In the control room before the races began.