Mrs. America Photos - Sept. 5 FINALS

What a whirlwind the last 17 days have been and definitely the time of my life! I'm overwhelmed with emotions and very tired of course. Thank you to my loyal fans who have been following my blog and wondering what I've been up to. Thank you to all the ladies that sent me letters and messages while I was in Tucson, I really appreciate your friendship, encouragement and kindness. Thank you to everyone who came to watch!!! It was so nice having my family and friends cheering me on in the crowd. What follows are pictures from final night. The picture above is our opening number routine.Parade of States in costume.
Getting called into TOP 10!!!
This might be a little confusing, but what happened is there was a top 10 named based on preliminary competition (50% interview, 25% swimsuit, and 25% evening gown). I was in the original top 10. Then, the pageant decided to bring the next 2 highest scoring contestants back based on the additional competitions we had, i.e. golf, tennis, baby diaper changing, scavenger hunt and horseshoes. Well, there was a 5-way tie for those next two spots so they let all five come back and compete in swimsuit. As the night continued, the reality show began to surface. After we all competed they strategically placed us on stage in three groups of five. Two of the groups moved on to the next "round" and one group did not. I unfortunately was the group that did not move on.
Modeling my swimsuit.
After competition.
I was so proud of my roomie, Michele Strom, Mrs. Nebraska, she placed 2nd Runner Up!!!