Mrs. America Send Off Dinner

I had a great time at my Mrs. America send-off party at the Chinook Tavern with 9 former Mrs. Colorado's! They all gave me great advice and kept me laughing the entire night. I'm so blessed to have the support and encouragement from my new sisters.
Tricia had this photo of my Nana and myself framed for me. Nana has made the trip from Virginia to Colorado three times to watch me compete for the title. She's always been my best supporter!
Tricia and I are admiring the beautiful flowers my husband sent to me...oops, I mean the flowers Janet's (Mrs. Colorado 1992) friend sent to her! Tricia gave these to me at the end of the night and she thought my husband, Nathan, had sent them to me at the restaurant when in fact Janet's friend sent them to her! The card read "To the wisest queen of them all", and of course we all thought they were ours.