Mrs. America Photos Aug. 30

Today all 51 of us saddled up at the Tanque Verde Ranch for a trail ride and authentic pancake breakfast.

Mrs. Colorado and Mrs. Vermont hanging out in between our trail ride at breakfast.
Mrs. Colorado and Mrs. America, Marney Duckworth, trying to stay cool after breakfast
On my white horse getting ready to round up some cattle for a team roping activity.

Thought I might try team pinning one more time, this is fun!

Our team, "Three brunettes and a blonde", Mrs. Nebraska, Mrs. Colorado, Mrs. Louisiana, and Mrs. West Virginia before the scavenger hunt. We had two little surprises outside our room tonight...tarantulas!!!

Is anybody else itching? The hotel staff came and got them with a 10 foot pole, seriously. The scary thing is they just threw them back out in the area near our room. I'm sure we'll be seeing these guys again soon. :)