Mrs. America Photos Aug. 27

Yesterday we rounded ourselves up on the bus for a trip to Old Tucson Studios and the Sonoran Desert Museum. Picture above on stage at Old Tucson Studios is Mrs. Pennsylvania, Mrs. Kentucky, Mrs. Kansas, Mrs. Wyoming, Mrs. Nebraska, Mrs. Colorado, and Mrs. Arizona
Mrs. Vermont and Mrs. Colorado at Old Tucson Studios
Mrs. Arizona, Mrs. Arkansas, Mrs. Utah, Mrs. Idaho, and Mrs. Alaska
We are inseparable if you haven't figure it out already.
I got thrown in jail for being hot...literally, it was 107 degrees.
I was surprised when I actually hit the targets and all these bells and whistles started going off!
At Old Tucson Studios with the actors. Mrs. Nebraska, Colorado, Indiana, Arizona, Delaware and New York at the Sonoran Desert Museum.
I could only get as close as 3 feet from the Barn Owl, so I was being careful!
Mrs. Nebraska and Mrs. Colorado stylin' at the museum in our cowgirl gear.
Getting ready to load onto the bus for Old Tucson and the Sonoran Desert Museum.
In front of the butterfly garden. Thank you Kathy for taking us on a tour of the Sonoran Desert Museum.
I couldn't resist taking a picture with the Colorado River fish.