Mrs. America Photos Aug. 25

Diane Tucker, Mrs. World 2007, and Tiffany Sawyer, Mrs. Colorado, at the Loews Ventana Room for the Presidents Dinner. We all dined in Loews' 5 Star restaurant and the food was delicious! After dinner we all presented our state gifts to Brian Johnson, the manager of Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.
Mrs. Colorado and Mrs. MississippiMichele Strom, Mrs. Nebraska, myself, and Missy Soto, Mrs. Oklahoma
Mrs. Colorado and Mrs. Ohio
Mrs. Kentucky and Mrs. Colorado
Michele and Tiffany

Mrs. Colorado, Mrs. Arkansas and Mrs. Oregon

Mrs. Nebraska, Mrs. Illinois, Mrs. Wyoming, Mrs. Colorado and Mrs. Utah

Sorry about the fuzzy quality of the picture, but I wanted you all to meet our choreographers Frit and Frat! They are so much fun.